Poveglia Ltd. is a special purpose entity formed by a group of real estate Venetian enterpreneurs. The Company is the owner of Santo Spirito Island in Venice.

The history of Santo Spirito island is prestigious: from the 11th century it was the seat of a monastery and at the time of the Republic of Venice it used to accomodate diplomatic delegations. Afterwards, in the 19th century, Napoleon converted it into a military facilties and by 1960 on it has been neglected.

A dream possible now : to carry out an estate development in a island of the Venetian Lagoon at ten minutes from Piazza San Marco and five from Lido.

There is a plan for the recovery of the extant historical buildings on Santo Spirito Island ~ works have already been started ~ and everything is also settled for the construction of new buildings according to Venice Master Plan amendment recently approved.

The island planning allocations ~ Residential, Community facilities, Hospitality, Offices ~ allow the purchaser numerous applications of use.

A unique opportunity in Venice to costomize the buildings to the user's own needs.

model of Santo Spirito Island